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Helping Makes U Happy, Inc. is a 501c3 not for profit charity

Helping Makes U Happy is a not-for-profit public charity founded by a young man with Down’s Syndrome named Keith Caputo. Keith was fortunate to have had the experience of being mentored by a very special man who was committed to helping others, and this is Keith's way of paying it forward. Keith and his Board of Directors are dedicated to helping others, and to demonstrating how good that makes you feel. Keith is so purposeful when it comes to helping that he has been honored by the NY Knicks with the Sweetwater Clifton award for community service.

What We Do
Helping Makes U Happy hosts several fundraisers annually including a Super Bowl party raffle, shirt sales, a guest chef night, and our highly anticipated Chinese Auction! Our events always involve community participation as we strive to be family friendly and provide positive volunteering experiences for anyone who wants to participate. These efforts, along with generous donations of time and money, are what enable us to give back to the communities and demonstrate our message.

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